Analyze the economy and current fiscal and monetary policy



Getting into the habit of reading the Wall Street Journal or other economic journals is another goal of this class. You are encouraged to subscribe to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal offers major discounts for students and helps build the much needed knowledge and skills for business majors.

Please, make a habit to read and while reading try to gather information about the current state of the US economy. Provide an overall assessment of the economy.. You might want to follow the framework provided below to analyze the economy and current fiscal and monetary policy.


An assessment of current economic conditions

Job market (current data)

Economic Growth (cite current data). What has been the projector of this growth? Has it accelerated or slowed and why?

Price Level (cite current data)

What are the current threats to the US economy presently?

What is the current fiscal policy being pursued? What are some of the limitations of this policy?

What is the current monetary policy being pursued or envisioned to be pursued for 2018? What are some limitations to this policy?

What is your prognosis for the future and why?


Bibliography (Use MLA or APA format). At least 6 resources needed for this paper.

Appendices, graphs, tables.

350 Words

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Macroeconomics: Analyze the economy and current fiscal and monetary policy
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