The Administration on Aging is one of the major agencies of the US Department of Health and Human Services. The major objective of this agency is to deal with the provision of older American act of 1965. Agency launches different programs to promote the respect and well-being of older individuals and help them to live their life free and independently in their own home or their communities. The mentioned act also strengthens the federal government for the distribution of various fund sand supportive services in the citizens of US who are more than 60 years old.

The organization or agency is also responsible for provision of various home and community based services which are related to aging. It also enables the citizens of USA to take their decisions about their health care, providing them their rights according to their age, preventing them from abuse and creating their respect in society. Different research organizations are also awarded by the agency to research on different projects which are related to the goals and objectives of agency. Various statistical activities are conducted by the organization for the analysis and interpretation of results to meet and predict the future needs of aging population of USA (Health and Services, 2013).

The annual budget of the agency was $1.9 billion for 2014. The maximum amount of the budget was expanded on various nutrition programs for aging population. Different funds were issued for the provision of supportive services to aging population at their homes. Cash amount was also granted to aging population to fulfill their daily needs and for home care activities. The mechanism and administration of the agency is controlled by the position of Assistant Secretary currently occupied by Kathy Greenlee. The assistant secretary is responsible to take instructions from department of health and human services. From 35 years, organization is working to provide home care facilities and various other services to the aging population of USA.


If the history of agency is analyzed, then it can be observed that a long time ago the government of the USA was involved to facilitate its aging population. In past, different steps were taken to provide the services to aging population of the country. In 1935, the Social Security Act was passed. This Act provided the assistance and many other facilities including insurance to the old age people. In 1950, the first conference on aging population was held by President Truman. Two years later after that conference, federal funds were issued to provide numerous social services to aging population of USA. In 1956, solid and mature steps were taken to facilitate the aging population.

A special staff within the office of education, health and welfare was established. Later on, a federal council was founded by the government of USA for the aging population. The first white house conference about the aging population was held in 1961. To establish a pure separate and independent commission on aging, legislation was introduced in 1962. After introducing this legislation, the Administration on Aging was founded in 1965.

The age discrimination act was included in constitution of USA in 1967. This age discrimination act was added to employment law in 1990. To cover the right activities of American citizens, an amendment was added to law which was named as older American act in 1965.

The addition of this amendment provided the full national support to the aging population of the US (Health and Services, 2008). These were the major motives behind the establishment of Administration of Aging. The major objective for the inception of this agency was to serve and facilitate the aging population of USA. It can be observed that the Administration on Aging is going very well to achieve its major objectives. Agency is committed to become the leader as mentioned in vision statement.


The mission of the Administration on Aging is to provide the full-fledged services to aging population of the country and inception of broad, comprehensive, well harmonized and cost effective system to serve the aging population for long period of time and enhancement their respect and dignity in society, at their homes or communities where they are living. The agency also helps and supports to prepare the society or community for the aging population (Timmreck, 2003).


Promotion of dignity and well-being of aging population in USA is the vision of Administration on Aging. The agency will support the aging population as much as possible to become an active member of society. Agency will found a proactive and comprehensive setup to fulfill all needs of older people just in time. Agency will be a leader through fulfilling all needs of aging population. It will make the aging population independent and free to give them an opportunity to enjoy their life (Timmreck, 2003).


The major enabling legislation for the Administration on Aging is Older American Act 1965. The agency was established on the base of this act. This is the act which enables the agency to serve and support the aging population of the country. The agency follows terms and conditions of this law to serve the aging population communities. This act directs the agency for the establishment of senior centers to facilitate the aging population on time. The services which are provided by the agency and the services which are provided by other public or private firms are coordinated for better implementation of this act. According to this act, the age limit is 60
years to receive the old age benefits. This act empowers the agency to found a comprehensive and well centralized network to enhance and support the well-being of aging population in societies. In short, Older American Act 1965 can be called as one of the major enabling legislations of agency (Binstock, 1991).


Administration on Aging is operating just like other general organization. So its organizational structure is also similar like the other organizations. The structure of organization is composed of following units.

? Administration on Aging

? Centre for Supportive Services

? Centre for Health Promotion

? Centre for Adult Protection

? Centre for AI and AN Programs

? Centre for Long-Term Care of Aging population


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