After reviewing related internet resources answer the

1. Every state has addressed the registration and/or publication of convicted sex offenders returned to parole or probation supervision. Your research assignment is to select a state from which you will complete an internet search. You are to give an overview of your chosen states laws that impact the sex offender registration requirement and publication of residence information, if any. Your response should cover topics, which include, but are not limited to:

State regulations that are specific to registration of the sex offender.
Procedural guidelines related to the implementation of the registration/publication program (how long do they have to register? Who pays for registration/publication? etc.)
What are the penalties for noncompliance?
Are there Constitutional challenges?
What are the constitutional concerns?
Give your opinion as to your belief that the legislation regulating sex offender registration/publication is or is not Constitutional. Use topic listing 1-5 as your topic headings. Cite your internet resources. The value of this project is up to 80 points. To avoid late penalty, this project is to be completed one week prior to end course date and submitted via email directly to your instructor.

2. Give your opinion as to the impact of publicity has on the prospect of a fair trial. Cite your internet source. Answer the question "do the elite in our society enjoy special consideration by the police and courts that we, the non-elite, do not receive"?

3. After reviewing related internet resource(s), answer the question "why do juveniles join a gang"? List three major reasons that YOU think contribute the most to an individual choosing a life of crime. Cite your internet sources

4. Do such agents have too much power to apprehend bond jumpers? Cite your internet source(s).

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