Why do diabetic patients undergo dietary sugar limitation

Why do diabetic patients frequently undergo dietary sugar limitation? Describe the major complications of diabetes mellitus?




Diabetic patients are frequently suggested to ingest less carbohydrate as such substances are degraded into glucose and such molecule is absorbed in the intestines. Dietary sugar restriction goal is to manage glycemia to sustain it at normal levels.

The major complications of diabetes are tissue injuries which take place in various organs caused by the chronic raised blood osmolarity: in peripheral nerves (or diabetic neuropathy), resultant in sensitivity loss, raised wounds (that is, the person does not feel that the tissue is being injured and the wound enlarges) and muscle fatigue; in kidneys (or diabetic nephropathy), causing glomerular lesions which might lead to renal failure; in retina (or diabetic retinopathy), leading to blindness and vision impairment; in skin, as a result of neuropathy.

Diabetes mellitus as well is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases such as myocardial infarction, embolism and stroke.

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