What is Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is the study of energy and its different forms or characteristics of energy, the thermodynamics laws governing different energy transformations and the limitations imposed by nature on types of these transformations, and methodologies for analysing the divergent energy conversion phenomena. Same like other branches of science and technology, the thermodynamics has evolved by its own proper grammar and specified rules.

Definition of Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics may be in brief defined as the science of the relationship b/w work, heat and the properties of substances. Since work and heat are intimately connected through energy, thermodynamics includes the study of energy. It deals with following terms

  • Energy fluxes (solar, hydro, wind etc.)
  • Stored energy (chemical, nuclear, potential etc.)
  • Energy exchanges (work and heat) and
  • The associated changes in properties for example pressure, temperature, etc.

Thermodynamics exactly means "heat-force-action". In so far as the I and II laws represent the major content of thermodynamics, it is concerned to deal with energy & entropy, the two properties unearthed by the two laws. Again, taking note of the essence of the two laws, thermodynamics is known to deal with the conservation & degradation of energy. 

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