What is Carriage return

Carriage return: The \r character. It is also used as a synonym for the `Return' or `Enter' key employed to terminate a line of text and the name derives from the carriage on mechanical typewriter.

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    Bit manipulation operator: Operators, like &, | and ^, which are employed to examine and manipulate individual bits win the bytes of a data item. The shift operators, <<, >> and >>>, are too bit manipulation operators.

  • Q : Define Reserved word Reserved word : It

    Reserved word: It is a word reserved for a particular purpose in Java, like: class, int, public, and so forth. These words might not be employed as ordinary identifiers.

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    Arithmetic operator: The Operators, like +, -, *, / and %, which generate a numerical outcome, as a part of an arithmetic expression.

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    Define the term Static type: It is the static type of an object is the declared type of the variable employed to refer to it.

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