Java program to sort ten numbers using bubble sort method

Q. Write a java program to sort ten numbers using bubble sort method.

Ans. class Bubble sort


             Public static void main (string arts [] throws Io Exception


            Buffered Reader in=new buffered reader (new input stream reader (system. in) ;

           Int num [];

          Num=new Int [10];

          Int I;

          String number;

          System.out.printIn ("Enter 10 numbers");

          For (I=0; i<10; i++)


             Number=in. Read Line ();

             Number [I] = Integer.parseInt (number);


        System.out.println ("you have entered");

        For (I=0; I<10; I++)


       System.out.print (" " + num[I]+" ");


     \\ Sorting beings here

    For (I=0; I <10; I++)


      For (J=0; J < 9-I; J++)


         If (num [J] > num [J+I])


           Temp= num [J];

           Num [J] = num [J+1];

            Num [J+1] = temp;




System.out.println ("array after sorting");

For (I=0; I<10; I++) \\ loop


       System.out.print ("  " + num [I] +" " );

} \\ end loop

} \\ end main

} \\end class

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