What is an Instantiation

What is an Instantiation: It is a creation of an instance of a class, i.e., an object.

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  • Q : What is Server Server : Something which

    Server: Something which gives a service. The Web server delivers resources to its clients, for example. Whenever the server is an object, this is the recipient of messages from its object clients.

  • Q : Explain Polling Polling : It is the

    Polling: It is the process of repeatedly testing until a situation becomes true. Polling can be incompetent when the time between tests is little compared with the time it will take for the condition to become true or right. A polling thread must slee

  • Q : Define the term Host system Define the

    Define the term Host system: It is a computer system on which a process is executed or run.

  • Q : Determining group ID of new file

    Explain various options available in order to determine the group ID of new file?

  • Q : Explain Cohesion Cohesion : The level

    Cohesion: The level to which a component executes a single well-stated task. A strongly cohesive technique, for example, will execute a single task, like adding an item to a data structure, or sorting several data, while a weakly cohesive technique wi

  • Q : Problem on COBOL if sentence Write a

    Write a COBOL IF sentence to use the values of numeric variables EXAM and COURSEWORK, both assumed to be with format PIC 999 and in the range 0 to 100 and to move the value:“FAIL”, “RC” ( resit coursework), “RE” (r

  • Q : Define the term Nested class Define the

    Define the term Nested class:  It is a class stated within an enclosing class.

  • Q : Define the term Image map Define the

    Define the term Image map: This is an image, divided into logical regions, each of which has a hot spot.

  • Q : Recursive Matlab function Write a

    Write a recursive Matlab function TriUVRCol that solves a virtually upper triangular system of equations accessing the matrix by column. Write another recursive Matlab function LUPivRec that recursively computes the LU decomposition of a matrix using partial pivoting.

  • Q : New features of ASP.NET AJAX 4.0

    Explain the new features of the ASP.NET AJAX 4.0?

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