Voice Mail | Internet Communication - Organization Behavior

Voice mail is strictly speaking, is a form of E-mail only. Here, a message, instead of being communicated in a written form, is sent in the voice of the caller. Like e-mail, it is very easy to use and is a convenient way of leaving short messages for someone who is not immediately available.

The internet may be defined as a global collection of people computers linked together by telephone lines, radio links or satellite links.

Uses of internet

I. We can send e-mail across the world.

II. There exist groups of people with common interests. Thus internet can be easily used for publicity and advertisement.

III. We can use of for tale-conferencing.

IV. We can have an electronic copy of journals and magazines from the internet.

V. We can be in touch with people around the word.

VI. We can provide technical support to the customers.

VII. We can do electronic commerce on the internet.


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