Trends in Organization Behavior

The social and technological changes, knowledge explosion, product and service obsolescence and globalization have immense effects on organizations. Vase on a systematic analysis of past and current events, the following 'megatrends' are predicted, which appear relevant to the study of Organizational Behavior:

a) Conversion of an industrial society into a society based on knowledge and information.

b) High level of diversity among people, groups, institutions and geographic locations.

c) Decentralization of business, government, political and social institutions.

d) Reduced dependence on institutions and movement towards old-fashioned self-reliance.

e) Replacement of the traditional 'top-down' corporate authority system with the innovative 'bottom-up' system, having built-in mechanisms for employee participation.

f) Acceptance of computers as liberators rather than as tyrants and slave drivers.

g) Reliance on personal contacts and human relationships, with increasing exposure to high technology. I. e. accomplishment of a balance between technology and human contacts.


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