Trait Theory of Personality - Organizational Behavior

This theory is defined as "any distinguishing, relatively enduring way in which one individual differs from another". Accordingly, trait theorists are concerned with the construction of personality tests (or inventories) that pinpoint individual differences in terms of specific traits.

Trait theorists advocated that personality tests will indicate the individual differences in terms of specific traits. There are some personality tests based on a single trait personality (which measures only one trait - self confidence) being specifically used to analyze consumer behavior. Such tailor made personality tests are specifically used to measure consumer traits such as:

I. Consumer innovativeness (to what extent a person is receptive to a new buying experience),

II. Consumer susceptibility to interpersonal influence (SUSCEP)  (to understand how consumers will respond to social influences),

III. Consumer materialism  (to ascertain the extent to which consumer's are attached to worldly 'material' possessions)

IV. Consumer ethnocentrism (CETSCALE) (the likelihood of consumer accepting or rejecting foreign-made products).


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