Techniques of coordination

Techniques of coordination

Coordination involve blending together all efforts activity of and forces of the commonness of purpose for this in addition tom its principle co ordination requires certain technique are followed  for the achievement of the objective . Principle and technique are correlated terms . one cannot move without the other principle determine the formal structure and the technique go  deep in the matters facilities to the interaction essential to the correlation of the activity . principle are the comprehensive and fundamental laws doctrine or assumption  the rules and code of conduct . technique are the methods or manner of the treatment of the principle for the accomplishment of the desire aims

Technique of the co ordination may be discussed briefly as follows

1) co ordination by the communication : the oldest and as well as the most important device for achieve is communication skills . the main duty of the a supervisor is to see that the subordinate are working in the efficient manners . he directs them the command them and control their efforts through the communication

2) Coordination by leadership: if the coordination cannot be achieved by the  mere exercise of the authority manager can use their leadership to bring the coordination among their the subordinate to cooperate the willing

3) Coordination by the committees ; the role of the committee is significant to achieve horizontal coordination . horizontal coordination is a matter of the relating the efforts of function divisional or the unit to each other . committee ensure the problem , which arise out of relationship among the various the units can be solved by the group decision

4)  coordination by the staff meeting : periodic meeting can be highly effective in the promoting the coordination through the better communication . usually it is describe the regular time for the set as aide the meeting . such meeting bride the official together and provide opportunity for coronation

5) coordination of the chain of the command : in a agreement the chain of commode is most important of the coordination . vertical  coordination is required the works of allocated to several leave in the organization

6)    coordination through liaison : for the goods external coordination it is very important and popular device .now days mostly large offer to maintain the relationship with the government and outside work

7) Delegation of the function:  delegation of the function is a necessary for any big organization to relieve senior executives of unnecessary burden of day to day routine work and certain administrative decision and the problem but for the coordination the delegation of the should be clear specific and unambiguous so that each function may know his particular authority and responsibility and recluse according his omission and commissions 

8)  Coordination through the self confidence: the basis principle of self confidence is modification of the function of the department in such a way that each department coordinate the other department  . Each department or section and individual apply the method of working which the facilities self confidence is achieved. This can be better done by a good communication 

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