Steps of the management by objectives

Steps of the management by objectives

Set organizational goal: first step is to establish the goals each subordinate is to attain. In some organizations superiors and subordinates work together to establish goals. In other, superior establish goals for subordinates. The goal typically refers to the desired outcome to be achieved. These goals can then be used to evaluate employee performance.

Joint goal setting: Joint goal setting, establishing of short term performance targets between the management and the subordinates in a conference between them. The individual manager must clarify in his own mind the responsibilities of their subordinates. Organization charts and Job description may be used. The manager may ask each subordinate to write down his personal goals, while in turn the manager writes out the goals he thinks the subordinates should have. The manager and subordinate then discuss them, reach an agreement about them, and put them in writing.

Performance review: This individual the performance standard for the subordinate in previously arranged time period. As subordinates perform, they know fairly well what there is to do, what has been done, and what remains to be done.

Set check posts: in this the actual level of goal attainment is compared with the goal agreed upon. The evaluator explores reasons or the foals that were not met and for the goals that were exceeded. This step help determine possible training needs. It also alerts the superior to the conditions in the organization that they may affect a subordinate but over which the subordinate has no control.

Feedback: the employees who receive frequent feed -back concerning their performance are ore highly motivated than those who do not feedback that is specific, relevant, and timely helps satisfy the need most people fell about knowing where they stand.

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