Shangri-La Hotel case of Crafting and Executing Strategy

Template for Case Study, Book Name: Crafting and Executing Strategy

1) Identification of key issues/context                                                       

Problem identification:

Strategies: Generic, Business, Functional

2) Analysis

External analysis: 5 Forces, Driving Forces, SWOT, TOWS, Competitor Analysis-Strategy Map, KSFs, PESTEL

Conclusions and implications for company                                                               


Internal analysis: Financial analysis, value chain, competencies, VRINE               

Conclusions and implications for company

3) Cross analysis                                                                             

Links across external/internal analysis 

4) Alternative generation and analysis                                                    

Generate several alternatives

Eliminate impractical ones
Pros and Cons of each

Key decision criteria used

5) Recommendations and justification                                                    




6) Action plan                                                                                           

Implementation and execution plan
Key milestones, dates, responsibilities

Contingency issues, risk mitigation


Word document, Font size 11, 1.5 line spacing for the body text, 1" margins, required to use only case information as of the date of the case.  Research may help you understand the industry better but be careful using specific company information.  Also remember that management may have made the wrong decision, so you are free to come up with your own recommendations. 

You may start with the problem identification; discuss driving forces and key success factors (I will leave it up to you to determine the most effective placement of these components). It must be clear why you used a particular tool, what insights were offered and collectively how the tools paint a picture of the external and internal environments (separate the sections for clarity).

The cross-analysis should not be forgotten for the individual case study. Consider the use of weights for your decision criteria to make it apparent what factors were important and how these criteria each factor across the alternatives. Cite material from your internal and external analysis in your recommendation section. 

You may also wish to be more precise in your action plan in terms of not only timing, but organizational and resource management issues across each of the specified terms. Please include citations in the main body of the text where material has been sourced including from the textbook. As well, a reference list should be included at the end of the report.

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