Research Foundation of an Organization

Manager are primarily interested in two things - improving the performance of employees and at the same time keeping them satisfied in their jobs so that they  continue to be productive and remain committed to the organization organizational researchers help managers through their scientific research findings on several aspects related to the work environment and assessment of the manager's impact on employee attitudes and behavior which ultimately result in the attainment of the organization's impact on employee attitudes and behavior which ultimately result in the attainment of the organization's goals. That is, they investigate the relationships among the various factors in the situation, including the manager's own style and interaction patterns and how these influence employees actions and behavior. Several research studies  (in the hundreds) continue to be conducted across the glove on such factors as job satisfaction, job performance, organizational commitment and leadership style, to name a few in the OB area, as mangers, you would doubtless be engaged in the study of several scholarly jumbles to draw upon the knowledge disseminated in them. It is useful to know how organizational research is conducted and how conclusions are drawn there from, and whether the research findings from one situation could be applied to another that faces a similar problem.

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