Principles of Scientific Management

Principles of Scientific Management

1)  Replacing rule of thumbs with science:  Taylor has emphasized that in scientific management, organized knowledge should be applied which will replace rule of thumb. While the use of scientific method denotes precision in determining any aspect of work, rule of thumb emphasizes estimation.

2)   Harmony in- group action: Taylor has emphasized that attempts should be made to obtain harmony in group action rather than discord. Group harmony suggests that there should be mutual give and take situation and proper understanding so that group as a whole contributes to the maximum.

3)   Cooperation between management and workers: Scientific management involves achieving co- operation rather than chaotic individualism. Scientific management is based on mutual confidence, cooperation and goodwill.

4)   Maximum output in place of restricted output: Scientific management involves continuous increase in production and productivity instead of restricted production either by management or by worker. 5) Development of workers through scientific selection and training: In scientific management, all workers should be developed to the fullest extent possible for their own and for the company's highest prosperity. Development of workers requires their scientific selection and providing them training at the workplace. 

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