Principles of Organizing

Principles of Organizing

In order to develop a sound and efficient organization structure there is need to follow certain principles.

1 unity of objective: it means that every part of the organization and the organization as a whole should be geared to the basic objective determined by the enterprise.

2 span of management: a manager can directly supervise only a limited number of executives hence it is necessary to have a proper number of executives answerable to the top manager. A maximum of six may be prescribed for this purpose.

3 functional definitions: the duties and authority relationships in a good organization must be properly and clearly defined so that there may be no confusion or over lapping.

4 unity of command: according to this principle each subordinate should have one superior whose command that has to obey. This will avoid conflict of commands and well help in fixing responsibility.

5 unity of direction: they should be only one plan for a group of activities directed toward the same end. If each person in a department begins to work under a different plan or programme of action, nothing but confusion will follow. 

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