Presentation Communication - Organization Behavior

It is a formal, well-prepared talk on a specific topic delivered to a knowledgeable and interested audience. Generally, the tone used in presentation is serious and business like. The purpose is to give information or to persuade.

In industry and commerce, the term 'presentation' has come to be used in preference to 'public speaking'. The reason, perhaps, is that the purpose of a presentation is more precisely, more concretely defined.

Presentation has been defined by Adair, as "a formal or set-piece occasion with two usual hallmarks: the use of audio visual aids, and team work.

There may be many occasions for a presentation, such as:

I.            Launching a new product or service;

II.            Starting a training course/session;

III.            Presenting a new business plan;

IV.            Making a marketing/sales proposal;

V.            Making a contribution to a conference/seminar; and

VI.            Diversification of a business.


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