Pointer in C

What is pointer? What significance of pointer in C programming languages?

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  • Q : What is SLAM SLAM is a Microsoft

    SLAM is a Microsoft project that blurs the line between static analysis and model checking and deductive reasoning. The main goal of SLAM is to check temporal safety properties of C programs (it actually checks that a program correctly uses the interf

  • Q : What is Native method Native method :

    Native method: In native method, the method is written in a language other than Java, however accessible to a Java program. Native methods are far away from the scope of this definition.

  • Q : Define Uniform Resource Locator Uniform

    Uniform Resource Locator: It is a Uniform Resource Locator (abbreviated as URL) expands the concept of file access from a wholly local context to one in which the resources are named uniformly, irrespective of where they may be physically situated. A

  • Q : Explain the differences between HTML

    Explain the differences between HTML and XML?

  • Q : Explain the way to initialize contents

    Explain the way to initialize contents of a dialog.

  • Q : Explain the term XForms Explain the

    Explain the term XForms.

  • Q : Define Out of scope Out of scope : It

    Out of scope: It is a variable is in scope as long as the program's flow of control is in the variable's defining block. Or else, this is out of scope.

  • Q : Explain Recursion Recursion : Recursion

    Recursion: Recursion outcomes from a method being invoked whenever an existing call to the similar method has not yet returned. For example:     public static void countDown(int n){  

  • Q : Generating uniform random numbers using

    In .NET, write a simple web service in C# to generate uniform random numbers. Use the class System.Random to generate the random numbers. What part of the code is specifically associated with web services? How could you deploy the web service?

  • Q : What is Block Block : The statements

    Block: The statements and declarations are enclosed between a matching pair of curly brackets ({ and }). For example, a class body is a block, as it is a method body. The block surrounds a nested scope level.

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