Pointer in C

What is pointer? What significance of pointer in C programming languages?

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    Describe the term Context Switch.

  • Q : What is Low level programming languages

    Low level programming languages: It is frequently termed as `assembly languages’; these give little more than the fundamental instruction set of a particular Central Processing Unit. Therefore programs written in low level programming languages

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    What is the possibility to generate the source code for an ASP.NET Web service by a WSDL? Answer: The Wsdl.exe tool (as .NET Framework SDK) can be utilized to genera

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    Exclusive-or operator: An exclusive-or operator (^) is both a Boolean operator and the bit manipulation operator. The Boolean version provides the value true when only one of its operands is true; or else it offers the value false. Likewise, the bit m

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    Switch statement: It is a selection statement in which the value of an arithmetic expression {expression!arithmetic} is compared for the match alongside different case labels. When no match is found, the optional default label is chosen For example:

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    Scalability of program model checkers such as JPF encompasses two aspects: How large a program can be model checked, and Once a defect has been detected, how readily meaningful debugging informati

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    Q. Explain type conversion rules for basic data types in java. Ans. Type promotion rule: Java automatically each bits or short operant to int when evaluating an expression. As usual as the automatic promotion

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    Polling: It is the process of repeatedly testing until a situation becomes true. Polling can be incompetent when the time between tests is little compared with the time it will take for the condition to become true or right. A polling thread must slee

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