Pointer in C

What is pointer? What significance of pointer in C programming languages?

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  • Q : What is an Exception handler Exception

    Exception handler: It is a try statement which acts as an exception handler - a place where exception objects are dealt and caught with.

  • Q : Explain Wrapper classes Wrapper

    Wrapper classes: The Java's primitive types are not of object types. The wrapper classes are stated in the java.lang package. They comprises of a class for each and every primitive type: Boolean, Byte, Double, Float, Integer, Long & Short and Char

  • Q : Define Short-circuit operator

    Short-circuit operator: It is an operator in which only as a lot of operands are computed as are required to determine the final outcome of the operation. The logical-and (&&) and logical-or (||) operators are most general illustration, though

  • Q : Explain Java PathFinder Java

    Java PathFinder: Java PathFinder (JPF) is a model checker that has been developed as a verification and testing environment for Java programs (Figure shown below). It is available as open source at SourceForge.net (JPF website). It consists of a custo

  • Q : What are the difference between XSLT

    What are the difference between XSLT and XPath?

  • Q : Define Sign bit Sign bit : In

    Sign bit: In 2s-complement notation, the most important bit in an integer value is employed to determine the sign of the value. A 1-bit point out a negative number and a 0 bit point out a positive number.

  • Q : Explain Aggregation Aggregation : It is

    Aggregation: It is a relationship in which an object has one or more other subordinate objects as portion of its state. The subordinate objects usually have no self-governing existence separate from their containing object. Whenever the containing obj

  • Q : Define Deprecated Deprecated : Somewhat

    Deprecated: Somewhat that has been made superseded by later on versions of the API. Deprecated methods must not be employed as there is no guarantee that they will carry on to subsist in the future versions.

  • Q : What is MIME MIME : Multipurpose

    MIME: Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (abbreviated as MIME) are rules which make it possible to utilize electronic mail to send content other than the simple text.

  • Q : Where must I utilize XML Where must I

    Where must I utilize XML?

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