Plants control closing and opening of stomata

How do plants control closing and opening of stomata?




The opening and the closing of stomata based upon the necessity of plant to lose water and heat by the transpiration (exit of water vapor means elimination of the heat). When the plant has excessive water guard cells become turgid and ostiole opens. When little water is accessible the guard cells become flaccid and ostiole closes.

Water enters and goes out stomata by the osmosis.

Other factors such as light intensity and carbon dioxide concentration in leaves affect the opening and the closing of stomata. When luminosity is high photosynthesis rate raises and the stomata open to soak up more carbon dioxide from environment and release heat; when luminosity is low stomata tend to close. When the carbon dioxide concentration in photosynthetic parenchyma is low stomata open to absorb more of gas and make photosynthesis probable; when such concentration is high stomata tend to close.

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