Aims and Objectives of Scientific Management

Aims and Objectives of Scientific Management    

1) It provides trained minds for attaining a higher degree of excellence in all branches of shop management. 

2) It improves and holds to standard such things as equipment tools and materials, working conditions and methods of working. 

3) It more or less completely revolutionizes and improves layout, routine scheduling nomenclature purchasing store keeping and accounting. 

4) A greater correlation between agencies of control makes for dependable operation which protects against delays mistakes accident and neglect. 

5) Its promptness provides timely instruction constant guidance immediate goals and prompt rewards. 

6) Its search for fact and principle tends to eliminate arbitrary rule.

7) Its closely interlocking personnel of specialists lessen the area of individual dictation.

8) Immediate and full records provide publicity and constitute a sort of court of reason.

9) In so far exact knowledge displaces custom, guess work, and arbitrary exaction, it defends the worker against soldiering and sloth (shirking work or lazing- away) or ever speeding and fatigue.

10) The high task standards characteristic of it automatically sorts workers to the levels of their occupations; while all are educated and energized.

11) By adherence to high standards of performance throughout, for management and men alike, it becomes a possible agency for raising wages, shortening hours, increasing profits and lessening prices to consumers.

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