Output Factor - Group Effectiveness - Organization Behavior

This constitute the successful tack performance of the successful task performance of the group as well as its human resources maintenance. Successful task performance is a function of the task roles performed by group members as also the norms of high quality of performance maintained by the group. A cohesive group that subscribes to the norms of the organization is bound to perform well.

Member's satisfaction and high group morale are attained through the maintenance functions performed by the group members. Group cohesion and the establishment of norms to which the members conform also enhance member satisfaction. High morale and group satisfaction are reflected in the pride felt by group members in belonging to the group and their commitment and loyalty to the group and its goals. Goodwill and cohesiveness among members, and adaptability to internal changes are the hallmarks of high morale. In the high morale group, disagreements are not divisive but are sorted out among the members in an atmosphere of cordiality, without either suppressing individuals or letting them become oppressive. Confidence in management also helps to increase morale.

In summary, group effectiveness (the output) is highly influenced by the inputs and the group processes (throughputs).

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