Disadvantages of Equity Motivation - Organizatinoal Behavior

1)     Is a given factor and input or an outcome? For example, "responsibility" is viewed by some as input and as output by others.

2)     How does a person choose (or change) the comparison other?

3)     Under what circumstances will each method of inequality resolution are used? The feeling go inequality may force one to quit the job, but may force a change of comparison other in another. individual differences obviously influence this activity.

4)     What is the relationship between inputs and outcomes? If (as seems likely) they are perceived by employee to be interrelated (for examples more outcomes cannot be attained without additional inputs), the prediction of employee behavior is more difficult.

5)     Will the findings generated in laboratory experiments hold in actual organizations? One analyst of the equity theory has noted that most studies supporting it have been laboratory experiments with student subjects.

Regardless of these problems, the equity theory continues to offer us some important insights into employee motivation.


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