Need for Leadership

Need for Leadership

1)      Imperfect organization structure: it is not possible for any organization structure to provide for all kinds of relationships. This explains the existence of informal groups within the framework of a formal organization.

2)      Technological, economic and social changes. In the face or rapid technological, economic and social changes, the organization is required to effect suitable changes in its operations and style. For example, in the event of a fall in demand, it may discontinue production of certain goods and services, or take up production of alternative goods and services. Only an effective leadership can enable it to meet the challenges posed by environmental factors

3)      Internal imbalance inspired by growth: As an organization grows in size and complexity, it may develop certain imbalances. For example, increase in organizational activities may lead to increase in the levels of management, thus adding to complexity of the organization structure, and problems of command, co-ordination and control work at all levels. Only an effective leadership can steer the organization through such situations.

4)      Nature of human memberships: Persons working in an enterprise come from backgrounds and have different interests, values, beliefs and intellectual and temperamental make-up.

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