Nature of Motivation - Organizational Behavior

Motivation is mainly concerned with the directing of employees towards organizational objectives and mission. The mature of motivation is discussed as follows:

1)     Motivation is a continuous process: as we have studied in economics, human wants are unlimited. It is said that, 'even' god cannot satisfy all human wants. With the satisfaction of one want, another want preferably of the higher order is created. Thus, new wants emerge when the present wants are satisfied. Further, all the wants cannot be satisfied at the same tome. Wants are to  be satisfied one after another continuously. Hence, motivation is also a continuous and an unending process.

2)     Motivation is a psychological concept: motivation is concerned with the psychological aspects of the human being. The levels of satisfaction, contentment, etc. by using the same reward/incentive vary from person to person. This is due to variations in aspirations, attitudes, feelings and perceptions of the individuals. Thus, motivation is reaction of the organs of the human body to the inducements/incentives offered.

3)     The entire individual is motivated: as state earlier, motivation is a psychological concept interacting with the total organs of an individual. Further, each individual is an integrated and comprehensive system. The entire system of an individual reacts to the motivation. Thus, the entire individual is motivated.

4)     Frustrated individual fails to be motivated: some individuals are frustrated despite of the rewards due to the wide gap between his/her aspirations and rewards. Some of the frustrated persons become mentally ill and these persons cannot be motivated.

5)     Goals lead to motivation: goals form a part of the motivational process. Goal achievement results in the satisfaction of want. Goal fulfillment leads to reduction of drives and fulfils deficiencies. Thus goal achievement ends the motivation process.

6)     The self-concept as a unifying force: self concept is the life position of a person that he formulates about himself during his childhood. He thinks himself in the same way during his life time until and unless a major change takes place in the

rest of the life time. Therefore, those who formulated a positive view about themselves during the childhood, will be motivated by themselves in the rest of the life time. And the vice versa is true in case of negative self concept.

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