Introduction to Human Resource Planning

The word 'resource' refers to the productive and creative powers of natural produce. Human resource is, therefore, the creative power in human beings. They are the ones who provide the assets and also reap the benefits of the products and services. A proper sequential planning is required for developing and utilizing the power of human resources. Human resource planning majorly forms the reliable action plan for developing the human resources by taking stock of the infrastructure present and of requirement in future. In this Unit, you will go through the various approaches and practices widespread in human resources planning and along with that also understand the requirement for a proper planning of human resources.

Human Resource planning can be explained as a strategy for the acquisition, improvement, utilization, and preservation of the human resources of an enterprise.

It is the activity of the management which is targeted to co-ordinate the requirements for and the availability of different types of employees. This involves ensuring that the firm has sufficient number of efficent people at the right time and also adjusting the needs to the available supply. The same can be valid at a macro level say HRP for an industry like hospitality or for a government planning at national level. The basic activities of manpower planning include:

1) Forecasting future of manpower requirements.

2) Inventorying present manpower resources and then analyzing their degree to which the resources are employed optimally.

3) Anticipating manpower problems by projecting present resources into the future and comparing them with the forecast of needs.

4) Planning the necessary programs of recruitment, , training, selection etc. for future manpower necessities.



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