Line or staff organization

Line or staff organization

The line or staff organization refers to an organization in which two types of authority relationships coexist. They are direct or line authority and advisory authority. The advisory authority relationships are known as staff relationships. Staff authority means authority to advice, to support and to serve. In a line and staff organization, most managers continue to have line authority to decide and do things as in a line organization. However a few, specialized staff positioned are created for certain advisory and supportive nature of functions. The authority of the above and similar staff does not include the right to make decisions relating to organizational operations and activities. Their role is generally confined to making recommendations and renders advice on matters of the line organizations.     


1.       Advantages of both li9ne and function organization

2.       Specialization

3.       Sound decision

4.       Relief to top executives

5.       Flexibility  


1.       Conflict between line and staff

2.       Advice ignored

3.       No migration of authority

4.       Lack of responsibility

5.       Loss of initiative

6.       Uneconomical  

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