How can I get an exact image in a web page

How can I get an exact image in a web page?




To determine an image in a web page, you can utilize one of the approaches as given here:
a. Search for the IMG tool whose SRC attribute has the file name of the required image. To do the search, utilize the Page.NativeWebObject.Find way.
b. Utilize TestComplete’s image-search abilities. There you can call the Picture way of the web browser window to acquire a Picture object holding the window image, and after that use the Find process of this object to search for the needed image. This process returns a rectangle which specifies coordinates of the image in the web browser window. To attain the scripting object equivalent to the found image, you can employ the Sys.ObjectFromPoint process. Both approaches are evenly valid, though, finding the image by name works very faster. For further information and code illustrations, notice the TestComplete Tips.

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