Functions in PHP

How to create Functions in PHP

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  • Q : Describe IEEE 754 IEEE 754 : The

    IEEE 754: The standard 754-1985 issued by Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers for the binary floating point arithmetic. It is the standard to which Java's arithmetic matches.

  • Q : Define Method header Method header : It

    Method header: It is the header of a method, comprising of the method name, its outcome type, formal arguments and any exceptions thrown. Also termed as a method signature.

  • Q : What is an Overriding for breadth

    Overriding for breadth: It is a form of method overriding in which the sub-class version of a technique implements its own behavior within the context of attributes and behavior of the sub-class and then calls the super-class version and hence it can

  • Q : What is UNIX Explain, what is UNIX?

    Explain, what is UNIX?

  • Q : What is HSB Color Model HSB Color Model

    HSB Color Model: A color model based on symbolizing a color as 3-components: hue, saturation and brightness. This is at times termed as the HSV color model - hue, saturation and value.

  • Q : Define Reserved word Reserved word : It

    Reserved word: It is a word reserved for a particular purpose in Java, like: class, int, public, and so forth. These words might not be employed as ordinary identifiers.

  • Q : Throughout system testing the

    Someone complains that throughout system testing the application frequently crashes. What probable process problem does which indicate?

  • Q : Scripting Language Programming

    Hi Assignment Team, Please find attachment of my assignment. Please advise if there is any unclear information Regards, King

  • Q : Define the reasons of Process Handle

    Define the reasons of Process Handle Table.

  • Q : What is Common Gateway Interface Common

    Common Gateway Interface: The Common Gateway Interface (abbreviated as CGI) is a standard which permits Web clients to interact with programs on Web server. The CGI script is on the server and is able to process arguments or input from a client, and r

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