Facsimile Communication - Organization Behavior

Also known as the fax machine is very useful for transmitting visual material such as diagrams, illustrations, photographs or copies of artwork visuals. All that we need for it is the fax machine with a connected telephone. As the document to be transmitted is fed through the machine, it is electronically scanned and signals are transmitted to the receiving end, where an identical copy of the documents is reproduced on a blank sheet of paper by the receiving end, where machine.

I. In fax, the finally prepared document is inserted in the machine and almost instantaneously copy of the document comes out at the receiving end.

II. Faxing a document is like instantaneous transmission so a photocopy of the document.

III. If a document is generated on a computer, it can e sent directly using a fax modem, bypassing the need to print the document first.

The fax machine has made it possible to send copies of important documents including certificates, degrees, testimonials, agreements and contracts from one place to another at the speed of a telephone call.

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