Evaluation of the Trait Theory

Evaluation of the Trait Theory

The trait approach to leadership has been severely criticized by many. Some of the limitations of the theory are the following:

i. The list of personality traits of successful leaders is too long and there seems to be no finality about it. Although hundreds of traits have been identified, no consistent pattern has emerged.

ii.  How much of which trait a successful leader must have is not clear. Furthermore, certain traits, particularly psychological, cannot beer quantified.

iii. The theory assumes that a leader is born and not trained. This assumption is not acceptable to the contemporary thinkers on the subject.

iv. Contrary to what the theory assumes, leadership effectiveness does not depend upon the personality of the leader alone. Other variables like the situation, the task, the organization and the characteristics of followers will equally determine the effectiveness of leaders.

v. It is well known that people who fails as leader and people  who never achieve position of the leadership often possess some of some traits as a successful leader thus for example : although taller people may generally be more successful as a leader many tall people neither the inclination nor the capacities to be a leader . at the same time many short people raise to position of the leader

vi. There is little consensus on the meaning of the words used to label .trains. in a study of the extensive leadership quality of a research the magnitude of the problem he asked 75 top executive to define this trait in 147  different way even after similar definition had been combined 25 different defecation remained 

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