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write an explanatory note on OTCEI.

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  • Q : Limitation of intermediaries for

    Intermediaries do not classically: (w) reduce transaction costs. (x) absorb risk. (y) try to make profits. (z) cause prices to be more volatile. I need a good answer on the topic of Economic problems. Please give m

  • Q : Examples and Applications of

    What are the Examples and Applications of International Trade?

  • Q : Society decide its optimal point on the

    How does society decide its optimal point on the production possibilities curve?

  • Q : Guardian implies that there really is

    Evaluate and explain the statements: “Market is its own guardian implies that there really is an invisible hand or taskmaster that watches over the decision makers in the marketplace”

  • Q : Freely Floating Currency Question: For

    Question: For a freely floating currency, currency i.____________________ occurs when the market value of a country's currency rises relative to the value of another country's currency, while currency ii.__________

  • Q : The Federal corporate income tax Use

    Use the circular flow model to confirm this assertion for a 2% reduction in the Federal corporate income tax.

  • Q : How demand is influenced by price

    Describe how the demand for a good is influenced by the price of its associated goods. Give illustrations.

  • Q : Ambrose’s budget constraint Question:

    Question: Ambrose consumes two goods, peanuts (x1 ) and a composite good (x2). He has a utility functionU = 4 √x1 + x2. This means his MU1 = 2/ √x1 an

  • Q : Example of simultaneous changes in both

    Elucidate an example of simultaneous changes in both supply and demand?

  • Q : Are quantities supplied-demanded equal

    In perfectly competitive market, the market demand curve is given by Qd = 10 − Pd, and the market supply curve is given by Qs = 1.5Ps. a) Prove that the market equilibrium price and

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