E-mail Communication - Organization Behavior

Electronic mail involves sending messages via telecommunication links. If two computer terminals, however distant from each other, are connected on network, it is possible to send messages from one to the other. The message is typed on a computer screen at one end, and is conveyed to the other end through electric impulses. The person operating the computer terminal at the receiving end is alerted by a signal that a message, or mail, meant for him is in the electronic mailbox. Or he can occasionally see his mailbox to check for any incoming mail. Then he can get it flashed on to a screen immediately or keep it stored and attend to it at leisure.

To be able to use e-mail all that one needs is an access to a network area, a PC, a telephone, a modem with its software and the basic knowledge of using this software, which is easy to acquire one doesn't have to be a computer expert to be able to use E-mail.

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