Diversities in Organizational culture

Describe the diversity in a IT organizational culture ?




The level and type of diversity within the organizational culture:

Level always important within organization because a person who works in different level having different responsibilities plays within same time.

In IT Company also has different level in the services and Outsource business. These are as following:

1037_it compnay.jpg

Everyone has different role within the process each level report to their superior level and also get guide and knowledge from the superior level.

Level E evaluate the performance of G and H level employees and Level D evaluate the Level E’s performance in the same circle goes to other level.

In Level G-H there are also three sub levels.

Organization uses this strategy to make their reward and recognition process effective and well. At the same point this also helps to control employees and generate best quality output because every level has upper level which reduce the probability of error and make effective reviewing process.

Organization's culture would facilitate or hinder planned change efforts through evaluation:

Culture affects the People’s behaviors, performance, and approach. If organization focuses on the culture, then they will achieve their goals and employees will also be able to focus on their skills. If the organization’s culture is well and good then it impacts on the behavior of the team and people.

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