Define Indirect recursion

Indirect recursion: Recursion which outcomes from method Y calling method X, whenever an existing call from X to Y is still in development or progress.

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    Real number: It is a number with an integer and a fractional portion. The primitive types double and float are employed to symbolize real numbers.

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    Common Gateway Interface: The Common Gateway Interface (abbreviated as CGI) is a standard which permits Web clients to interact with programs on Web server. The CGI script is on the server and is able to process arguments or input from a client, and r

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    Static initializer: An initializer prefixed with ‘static’ reserved word. The static initializer is stated outside the methods of its enclosing class, and might access only the static fields and methods of its enclosing class.

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    Primitive Type Casting: C/C++ allows you to cast between totally unrelated types. This can be problematic for model checking. Avoid type casting between unrelated types and in particular primitive types. For example,

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    Binary: This is the number representation in base 2. In base 2, only digits 0 and 1 are utilized. Digit positions symbolize successive powers of 2.

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    Reserved word: It is a word reserved for a particular purpose in Java, like: class, int, public, and so forth. These words might not be employed as ordinary identifiers.

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