cross-elasticity of demand

Interpret the following Cross-Price Elasticities of Demand (XED) and explain the relationship between these goods. (3 marks total, 1.5 marks per part) XED= + 0.64 and XED= -2.6

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  • Q : Illustration of price elasticity of

    The Outlaw Scooter Club bought 170 motor scooters while the price was $875 every, but ordered only 30 while the price soared to $2,125. Then for scooters group's price elasticity of demand is: (i) 0.42. (ii) 3.36. (iii) 0.84. (iv) 1.68. (v) 4.20.

  • Q : Maximizes profit for output HoloIMAGine

    HoloIMAGine has patented a holographic technology which creates 3-D photography obtainable to consumers. It maximizes profit at: (i) output q1. (ii) output q2. (iii) output q3. (iv) output q4. (v) output q5.

  • Q : Wage Discrimination and Social Welfare

    The sum up of monopsonistic exploitation by the firm raises however the firm as well operates at a more socially and economically proficient level of output and employment whenever the firm is capable to engage in: (i) Blacklisting in its hiring of the labor. (ii) Yel

  • Q : Bookkeeper problem regarding Moral

    I have a problem in economics on Bookkeeper problem regarding Moral Hazard. Please help me in the following question. When a bookkeeper embezzles $1 million and flees to the Brazil after 22 years on the job, there is a trouble of: (i) Fugitive derelic

  • Q : Prevent operating in long run by

    A monopolist will prevent operating within the long run unless its economic profit is: (i) zero. (ii) positive. (iii) greater than accounting profit. (iv) zero or greater. (v) zero or less. I need a good answer on

  • Q : Study of Microeconomics primarily

    Microeconomics primarily consist the study of: (w) unemployment, inflation, and our monetary system. (x) capitalism versus socialism. (y) individual decision making within households, industries and firms. (z) rational budgeting through government and

  • Q : Severe Poverty of Demography From the

    From the 1950 year, severe poverty has declined most sharply in between people while they experience: (w) low levels of education. (x) discrimination in employment. (y) old age. (z) poor health. Can someone explain

  • Q : What is an Indifference curve

    Indifference curve: It is the combination of two goods that provides consumer similar level of satisfaction.

  • Q : Long run entry of supply curve When the

    When the price for cranberries is primarily P1, in that case in the long run: (w) firms will neither enter nor exit this industry. (x) entry of firms will move curve supply curve A to the right. (y) exit of firms will move

  • Q : Define demand with market supply and

    When technological advances boost market supply and total revenue both within an industry, in that case: (w) demand is relatively price elastic. (x) the industry is dominated by a monopoly. (y) patenting technological advances ensures

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