Concept of object oriented analysis with explanation

Q. Explain the concept of object oriented analysis with explanation of all steps of analysis. 

Ans. Object oriented analysis: Object oriented analysis provide a simple, yet powerful mechanism for indentifying objects, the building blocks of the software to be developed. It is mainly concerned with the decomposition of a problem into component part and establishing a logical model to describe the system.

The two general findings about OOA are:

1.      OOA fulfils the properties of analysis.

2.      OOA has a smooth transition to design model which should cover following things:

(1)         Objectives: These are the ultimate expectation for the user towards the entire information system (both computerized and manual).

(2)         Application domain knowledge: This defines the vocabulary of the application, its meaning and properties.

(3)         Requirements of the environments: This is the description of the behaviour required from the human organization to meet the objectives.

(4)         Requirements of the computer system: This is a description of the behaviour required from the computer system to meet the objectives.



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