Tips which makes your answer excellent to score high

How to give answers to those questions asked in exams:

Well, as we noticed that students feel confused when a time comes to response the questions which are asked in the examination. At that time students fail to understand what is asked and sometimes they fail to mention the vital points which would help them to get high scores in a specific exam. To handle such kind of problems of yours I m sharing this blog to clarify your all queries about the problems and responses.

Few points help you to a response to that question being asked in exams:

1. Always keep in mind how much scores are fixed to a specific question

Well, teachers are always expecting you to provide a short and to the point answer to the problems. And so student's must know how too much to write and how much you don’t need to use in answering the questions. No one would need you to create a length answer of 2 marks questions so always arrange your answers according to marks. It will save your time on specific questions.

2. Always try to make use of figures and flow charts

It would be good if you express your answers with more words. But it’s good to use of diagrams and flow charts in the answer; it makes your answer better. Always explain all the steps in a clear way so that you will mention all the points that help yours to get high marks in the exam.

3. Please do not forget to consist the main points

As we all know our teachers have to check plenty of examination copies, they would only look main points in your answer instead of being reviewing entire things. So it would be good if you only explain the main points in an answer and don’t waste your time on not needed information.

4. Stop using recurring Sentences

Don’t use same sentences multiple times in answering the questions. You have to be very clear and make sure that you only put needed elements and those key points which highlight your answer.

If your use recurring sentence it irritates your teachers and makes them feel not satisfied with a response with a particular answer. Always provide a short and straight response to your question if you are serious regard your exam to get good marks.

While an answer to the problem may look tricky but in that part, you have to become little smart, you need to explain the correct parts if you want high marks. I hope you can grasp necessary points from this article and it would make your solution in the right manner.

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