Tips for getting rid of plagiarism practiced by students

Plagiarism has now become a serious issue in the world of Education. Nowadays nobody wants to do hard work everyone relies on copying the information from the internet or any sources. Plagiarism is a serious offense in academics. Here we will see some types of plagiarism practiced by students

1. CTRL-C:

In this type, a particular part or text is copied without any alteration or modification. It is just copied exactly it is written on the internet. Generally, students do this while they are completing their project they just copy those lines without doing any modification and sometimes it can easily be recognizable that it is plagiarized.

2. Mashing up:

Generally, in this type of plagiarism, materials or texts copied from different sources are copied together and a new material is formed. This is done without proper citation or reference or saying which can be identified easily.

3. Remixing:

Mixing together the paraphrases and paragraphs from different or multiple sources creates a new material and they all fits together that is call remixing. This type of plagiarism is so common these days.

4. Recycling:

It refers to the writing of one owns previous or old write up and mixing that also in the same document. This is also a common form of self-plagiarizing.

5. Aggregate:

Aggregate which means gathering .in this type of plagiarism the text or material is having a proper or original reference but the work or content inside it is not original. All the sources are cited properly but the whole content or body is different.

6. Hybrid:

In this type of plagiarism, passages are copied from a different source but are cited properly. Different passages are copied together and a new document is formed.

7. Find and Replace:

This generally resembles its name the word which is needed to be changed is find and is replaced with the desired word which means changing phrases and keywords and copying the essentials words only means just doing a small modification in the document.

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