Renovating spare time in to a precious one

Everybody wants to enjoy the spare time to get relief from stress and anxiety, and it’s important as well. A recent research revealed that an average women in college waste 10 hours a day on their mobiles, whereas men waste approximately 8 hours a day.

A college life is not easily adaptable by everyone as a student you have a lot of things to fit in your life. No matter if you want to spend some time, reading books not related to your subject, watching YouTube, reading blogs and novels are good options to waste your time on such activities. But some people are so career oriented that they thing such activities as distractions in the way of their goals. But these people are wrong because by adapting few innovative ideas for wasting time can push them on a successful path and can gain enough knowledge apart from academic studies. Here, are few points which can give you serious goals.

1. Take breaks in between:

Taking breaks in between can help your brain stay active and function properly, and helps you to get more focused than comparing earlier you had. Take few minutes of the break between every hour and walk, do little works, by doing this you can improve your mental accuracy, reduce tiredness, relieve joint and muscle pain and increases alertness. So it’s better to take breaks in between regularly so that your brain can perform better. Studies proved that taking breaks in between every hour can increase the productivity; hence you can keep yourself motivated and fresh.

2. Perform single task at a moment:

People are so much over confident now a days that they think them self as a super human and try to perform all tasks at a moment and end up ruining everything. The best way is, do single work at a time and do it properly and cleanly so that you can proceed further with another work. So many universities and studies proved that multitasking makes you less capable. By doing multitasking your IQ gets shattered day by day.

3. Daydreaming:

This point is applicable for all, not only college students we all are captivated with daydreaming. Daydreaming is like you can imagine yourself anything while keeping your eyes open. You can dream about anything, anywhere in the world which attracts you a lot.  Daydreaming has a lot of positive results such as it lightens your brain, charges your brain, boosts your brain and much more it sounds awkward but it’s true and proved by scientists as well.

4. Meditation:

Meditation is a word by which everyone is aware of, and there is no justification required on meditation and its profits. Meditation is a simple and effective method. It helps your body feel relaxed and you can waste your time on doing meditation. There’s no loss in doing meditation, in fact, you will gain something.  Few of the befits of meditation are blood circulation, helps you to generate creative ideas and increases better planning capacity.

5. Reading book:

The question might arise in your mind that why do I need to read a book from which I have got nothing to do with? Well, reading a book which is not related to your subject and you don’t relate to that book, and then you are actually granting your brain the pleasure of enjoying free time from stress and thinking. So if you are reading an interesting book from the today’s era (Best selling) then surely you are giving a relief and mind pure moment of relaxing to your brain.

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