Let's Dive into the World of Electric Violins!

Let's Dive into the World of Electric Violins!

While the violin has centuries of tradition as an acoustic instrument, a modern evolution is gaining popularity - the electric violin. Blending vintage design with contemporary innovation, these electrified instruments can be polarizing.

However, the electric violin showcases immense potential for expanding the capabilities and versatility of this revered string instrument. Whether you're a purist or an explorer, there's merit in understanding what the best electric violins offer.


At their core, electric violins still maintain the fundamental construction of hollow wood bodies, strings, fingerboards, and classical violin shapes. However, the integration of a pickup system differentiates them from traditional acoustics. This electro-magnetic pickup translates the string vibrations into an electric audio signal that can be plugged into an amplifier or speaker system.

The best electric violin models use sophisticated piezo crystal components embedded into the bridge for ultra-precise pickup sensitivity and clarity. More affordable options may have less advanced pickups or even external mounts. Regardless, the built-in electronics open up vast new dimensions.


One of the primary advantages of the electric violin is its sheer volume and projection capabilities. Even the finest acoustic fiddles struggle to fill larger venues without the support of stage microphones. Electric violins can be cleanly amplified to resonate through any space or atmosphere, from outdoor festivals to hard rock arenas. 

Furthermore, the direct electric output enables processing the signal through guitar pedals and effects boards. Violinists can radically alter their tones through modulations like:

  • Reverb
  • Chorus
  • Distortion
  • Filters

Electrification also eliminates many feedback and environmental issues. The resonance from traditional acoustic bodies can dangerously compound at certain pitches. Electric models avoid these unwanted distortions and hotspots. Their pickups and output also reduce vulnerability to harsh conditions like high temperatures or humidity that could damage irreplaceable wooden artifacts.


Of course, these modern advancements come with some drawbacks for dyed-in-the-wool traditionalists. While high-end electric violins can still produce stunningly organic acoustic tones, the subtle nuances and resonance from age-old luthier construction inevitably get altered through digital conversion and amplification.

Some also find the electric models to feel slightly different in hand compared to their traditional counterparts. The weight distribution and positioning of the built-in electronic components may require adjustment. Volume knobs and other accessories also interrupt the smooth, streamlined figure. 

There's also the need for effect pedals, amplifiers, and other external gear absent from acoustic instruments. More equipment can translate to more potential technical issues and costs beyond simply purchasing the violin itself.

Capabilities and Versatility

Despite some compromises, the sheer expanded capabilities and genre-blending versatility of an electric violin can be incredibly creatively liberating for the avant-garde musician. From delicately warm acoustic phrases to searing electric riffs and solos, it dynamically unleashes a whole new palette of expression.

Pioneers like Boyd Tinsley and Gwyneth Wentink illustrate the electric violin's prowess across styles as diverse as rock, jazz, folk, hip-hop, electronica, and even heavy metal. The best electric violins shatter the antiquated view of the violin as solely a baroque or classical instrument reserved for orchestras and chamber performances. They empower the violin's unique voice to resonate loudly and proudly in any modern musical environment.

Whether upholding faithful tradition or embracing progressive innovation, the electric violin ultimately expands the possibilities for what this timeless instrument can achieve. Its expanded renaissance has only just begun, and it's the type of instrument perfect for those looking to dive deeper into the music industry.

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