Human brain is more sensitive towards visual simulations

Most people do not comprehend the significance of the art as they consider it as a discipline that is ill-structured. Art is considered as a bizarre landscape which has nothing much to offer and therefore, less seriousness is given to art and anything associated to it. We rely on the art and various forms of it, in our everyday lives. Every one of us likes to have some of art at our home. This is one of the most suitable examples to prove that we people support art in one or other way. We like to have decorated bed sheets, towels, teapots etc. It is not very essential however it does make life joyful.

Besides joy, art is used majorly to convey some information or we can say that it is one of the best sources to depict any idea. Our ancient temples have carvings and several sculptures that convey our past history that was the basic source for the archaeologist to write over the country’s history.

One of the many ways in which art can be understood is through looking at it from different perspectives and in most cases this is done through cultural portraits. A portrait can be described as the representation of the human being in which its face brings out the predominant expression.

A portrait generally expresses how original person was feeling at the time it was being drawn. Through portraits we can conclude how the person was, like many people haven’t seen how the Mona Lisa in real, but through her portrait we can make some assumptions on how she was look like.

Cultural portraits are used to communicate visual ideas and this means that through these portraits we can easily understand what the thoughts of the person drawn or painted. It is also used to communicate feelings and values which brings about factors of unity within the society and also teaches new skills. In the early decades, portraits were used to teach several things to the children in society and some of the things that portraits taught are such as cultural values and so on.

Photoshop Montage:

Photomontage is one of the many ways of teaching people their cultural values through the use of well illustrated portrait that is put on the montage which is illustrated on the big screen. One of the greatest film makers of all time is Eisenstein and the most important aesthetician of the past century. Also with the concept of Montage we can easily join two or more images making collage in a way that is seems as one image.

The concept of montage arises from the culturally embedded forms such as ancient Homeric while at the same time focusing on enabling other systems to emerge. One of the things that contributed a lot to the advancement of Eisenstein with the ideas of cultural portrait through montage is the kind of life that he lived from childhood.

The main idea of montage entails showing people film through giving them a big picture of a film and describing to them the events that are taking place. The principles of montage focus mainly on bringing out the importance of art and works associated to it. In the modern world, the impact of principles of montage is felt very strongly because they are still being used in modern films. When you go to the cinemas in different parts of the world, the concept of montage is implemented through the modernized spotlight and so on.

The significance of making the concept of montage is to ensure that people understands the artistic principles behind it. Montage is an art and this is why one needs to understand the concept behind it and how it can be implemented in other areas of art such as cultural portrait.

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