How to overcome obstacles faced by the students during college journey

As the time spent at college is a loving memory and a joyful experience for most, the life of a student is not without its rough patches. The situation of every student is unique; however, there are several problems which almost all students face at least once throughout their student life.

If you are on the way to college, then wait for some minutes and learn how to cope up with such challenges that might come to your college journey.

1) Time Management:

Problem: One of the main challenges throughout degree is academics. Principally college curriculum needs more effort as compare to high school classes. Most of the students take a complete 15 credit semester, whereas some attempt to pack up to 18 or even 21 credits. At times, it looks impractical to stay on the peak of it all.

Solution: Be familiar with your limits. If you cannot handle 18 credits in one semester, it is worth it, in the long run, to slow down and acquire merely 15. Whereas the main aim of a college education is to learn to the extent you can, that does not signify studying all the time. You can look for textbook solutions available on the internet to get your numerical answers and saves time. It is significant to schedule time for fun and to take breaks to maintain your mind fresh and clear.

2) Homesickness:

Problem: Whether students admit it or not, most will at one point get homesick, mainly those who are far away from their homes. Freshmen suffer more, as it is most probably their first year away from home.

Solution: If you are away from home, plan to visit home once every month or two. Ask family members and friends to email, call and send care packages. Such steps must greatly help in reducing feelings of homesickness.

Most of the campuses have support groups for students. Talking to others who are having same experiences can assist. You might even make friends with several people you meet there. Consider that the other students you come into contact with each day might be feeling similar and you can help one other.

3) Relationships:

Problem: Relations are fine, however, they can be overwhelming. At times they take a lot of time and can start to intrude on your studies. There are times in each and every relationship when a couple will encompass a disagreement which can divert them from studies and add to stress levels. The breakups can drive several students even further to depression.

Solution: Relationship counsel is hard to give, as the solution differs on a case-by-case basis. Set up a clear communication of your requirements and expectations from the beginning. If you do break up, discuss it with a counselor to work through the experience.

4) Debt:

Problem: The tuition fees are increasing at terrifyingly high rates. Adding to that, rent of housing, food, supplies, course books, transportation and a long list of unmanageable debt. Almost half of students nowadays state that the cost is making them reconsider completing their degree. The students are increasingly dropping out of college as they are not able to afford the expense. Graduating debt-free is nearly unheard of.

Solution: The academic loans are simple to get. Most of the students, though, don't recognize how reimbursement works and how many years they might spend paying off their loans. This deficiency of knowledge just adds up to stress.
Think about the on-campus job. Working on-campus will cut out possible transportation expenditures and assist you to stay more focused scholastically. Moreover, prepare a budget for shopping trips and eating out and fix it.

5) Partying:

Problem: Partying in itself is not a trouble. Parties can be a great means for students to neglect stress. Though, at many times partying can cause problems. Alcohols and drugs can lead to poor preferences, health risks, risky behavior and even potentially lethal circumstances.

Solution: As parties are important too, enjoy them in a responsible and legal manner so you do not create problems for yourself or others. Be familiar with your limits. Ask for a ride home if you have been drinking. Keep track of your friends and ensure that they are being safe, too. Ensure to eat and drink adequate water whenever consuming alcohol.

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