Who are the stakeholders



Your final research paper is selecting a country, other than the United States, and discussing a specific topic. Your list of present-day topics is from one of following categories:




*Climate Control

The country you select should be from one which was studied from this course, rather than one you may have heard about but not have as much knowledge about or it's history for this final research paper. Therefore, take the time to consider your selection wisely.

All countries and topics need to be approved by the instructor, this will be discussed more in-class and in time for your research to begin.

Once a selected country and topic is approved and you begin your investigation of the sources, you need to define this topic by facts. Do not assume that all definitions are the same, nor does this mean to look up the meaning from the dictionary or a google source; rather define what the theme is directing discussing from the position of your chosen country. Some countries based on their history will have a different perspective, this is part of your research, getting the facts correct. Take into consideration their culture, values, beliefs and philosophy when defining their topic.

Declare the position your country has on this selected topic. This will require investigation and research. Your research will most likely have varied positions depending on the country's political agenda. Make sure you present all sides fairly. In other words, consider for political positions how varied positions could be declared from a conservative, moderate or liberal perspective. All are valid; therefore, this needs to be part of your representation.

Explain in the body of your paper, how your country addresses the challenges of this theme. It may be a matter that is a continual political issue, or perhaps more of an economic agenda that has underlining cultural difficulties or it could be a new concern for your nation, with unknown effects. Another position, may be that the country does not consider the topic a high priority, as the country has more pressing demands. Regardless, you need to discover how this theme impacts your selected country's society; further its overlapping compound with bordering countries by geography, culture or trade is another agenda to research.

From your research, analyze how the leaders in your selected country is managing with this topic. Does your selected country consider this topic a serious, moderate or a new concern? How does your country function with this issue? This does not mean you have ‘ALL THE ANSWERS OR SOLUTIONS'; rather this is from your analysis.

Finally, provide a conclusion by restating the theme of this selected topic. Discuss possible benchmarks that could be established on this topic from your research and the position of your country. Include perhaps what has worked well in your society on this matter, along with what has not. Who are the ‘stakeholders'? Have the stakeholder's positions changed? Be specific and make sure this is a valid position and not one you think is assumed.


This paper MUST be at least 1200 words in length, deduction will be applied to less.

Each paper is colleges typed. Double space, Font of 12 in either Times Roman or Ariel.

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History: Who are the stakeholders
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