Which is called rio carnival in braziel

Event and tourism analysis

Firs of all the references style is Harvard and be careful the in text referencing and at the end.

previous assignment will be uploaded to you to see the structure not to copy it and i need my paper stronger that it in words, proven sentences, information.

Chosen an event which is called Rio Carnival in Braziel.

1. Type of event-length of even, reason for the event, how long the even has been running.

2. Significance to the destination where it take splace (attendance, income, statestics, figures..etc)

3. Ability of destination for hosting the even (eg infrastructure, accommodation, labour market)

4. Who are the major originations or stakeholders involved in the planning and operation of this even?

5. What is the tourism impact of the event?

6. What effect, in your opinion, does the even have on the destination image?

7. What are the major challenges, now and in the future, for both the event and destination?

8. Recommendation and conclusion)

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