What you now know about good public relations practices

The topic of this assignment is the controversy surrounding The Augusta National Golf Club and its refusal to admit women as members. The case does not cover all that happened in this situation, but you can research on your own to find out what ultimately happened. Answer the following questions:

1. In no more than one page, describe the situation surrounding Augusta National's policies regarding women and people of color prior to any resolution admitting one or both of these groups. What's the background of the situation?

2. From a public relations standpoint, analyze: a. The communications strategy of Augusta National b. The communications strategy of Martha Burk and the NCWO

3. Knowing what you now know about good public relations practices, who, if anyone, in this situation, used more acceptable approaches? Why?

4. If you had been in this situation and had been in charge of public relations for the Augusta National and could rewind the videotape, so to speak, what would you have done differently, if anything, once you initially heard from Martha Burk? Why would you have taken that approach? 5. What does this case say about gender and diversity? What can public relations practitioners do to address such issues early on and avoid crises in the future?

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Marketing Management: What you now know about good public relations practices
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