What is the meaning of economic development


1. What is the meaning of economic development? In what way(s) is economic growth different from economic development? Is it possible for the whole world to be developed? Provide real world example as part of your answer. About the maximum length of your answer, a maximum of one or 2 paragraphs with proper citations and reference list is required.

Also make comments to at least one of your cohort's posting very briefly but critically by Midweek.

2. Notice the following:

  1. The level and growth rate of real GDP per capita can be a misleading indicator of development.
  2. At the same time, countries that experience sustained increases in real GDP per capita over time will tend to be more developed.
  3. The use of more advanced technology may not be a sufficient condition for sustained economic growth.

Please comment with reference to human capital in your analysis. Also make sure to provide proper citations and references as part of your analysis.

3. Discuss why the education of girls is probably the most cost-effective development investment. Be sure to include some discussion of at least two of the following: absolute poverty, health and development, fertility, and agriculture.

How is this discussion related to the fact that a better educated population will also tend to be healthier, and vice versa, that a healthier population will tend to be better educated.

As part of your discussion assignments, please post your comments to at least one of your fellow classmate's posting by mid week after the due date. Also make sure you give proper citations and references to your own response.

APA FORMAT, and have in text citation, sign each question number of answer, total need 2 pages

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Microeconomics: What is the meaning of economic development
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