What is meant by blue ocean strategy

Assessment  - Magazine Article:

1. Ensure you have read the Instructions and Marking Guide before beginning or you will waste time.

2. This assessment is to allow you to showcase your learning of marketing - in doing so ensure you employ the unit language & concepts using your chose organisation(s) to provide examples.

3. The first step is to understand what is meant by Blue Ocean Strategy and the Circle of Satisfaction - go to the relevant chapters of the ebook The Marketing Concept and the relevant lecture slides.
You then need to do the research on your selected organisation or organisations; access some of the many public company reports, company websites, magazine articles, newspaper articles, YouTube videos, Google financials, and biographies that may have explored the organisation's business story.

4. Having done this, you need to then select which of the various components of the Circle of Satisfaction that you believe you will be able to utilise using your selected organisation as an example of their application.

5. The topic is quite broad and thus it is up to you which components of Blue Ocean Strategy and the Circle of Satisfaction you will focus on. You only have 3000 words so don't pick too many components or examples. There is NO perfect answer as to how many components and examples to select- this is up to you bearing in mind the word limit - however the article needs to be interesting and informative and showcase your learning of marketing.

6. The e-book The Marketing Concept and the lecture slides should be focus of your initial research and effort- only after fully exploring the relevant material here should you put effort into researching elsewhere. Those seeking higher marks (Distinctions and High Distinctions) need to not only utilise the e-book The Marketing Concept but also research beyond this into various academic journal articles and texts.

7. The e-book and around 5 other academic references (texts or Journal articles) would start to raise the standard of depth required for higher grades (of course the number is not the only criteria and the references need to be relevant and used appropriately).

8. Look at the exemplar on Blackboard to gain some idea of the type and tone of article expected.
However the exemplar is from a different unit with a different question and word limit and did not require referencing. (Those of you with a more creative streak may be able to produce an article that is better presented than the exemplar).

9. Write your article and have a draft of the content you want first (before worrying about layout) - remember 38 of the 45 marks are related directly to the content. This should be reflected in the amount of time you devote to these areas.

10. Look at the video clips and other instructions in Blackboard to help you put your work into a Magazine/newspaper style format. These are just a couple of starting points. You will need to experiment and play around yourself to try to improve the look and be creative- this is mainly up to you. This is part of the learning of this exercise.

11. Although not normally required for magazine articles, to provide more academic rigour, referencing in accordance with university guidelines is required. I expect some of your references however, will be related to your sources for information related to the organisation. Of course many of these will be magazine articles, newspaper articles, YouTube videos, books etc. rather than just academic journal articles or texts.

12. Seek help from learning advisors and if possible attend Assignment Labs. (Note: learning advisors are there for specific help - they do not provide a proof reading service).

13. Proof read your work before submitting your article (it is good to get a ‘buddy' to also do this for you).

14. Try to finish two days early - thus allowing you to fine tune and thereby earn a higher grade.

15. Before submission print out the Ass 3 Instruction and Marking Guide and actually notionally mark your own work. After this then make any necessary adjustments this uncovers.

My Assessment 2

Decisions Marketing2016.2

Often the most difficult part of an assignment is making a few early decisions so you can get started- let's do that right now!
1. At this point the most likely organisation(s) that will be the focus of my magazine article is: (try to be as specific as you can)

2. Why do you believe this organisation has been successful?

3. What are the other reasons you are leaning towards this business/organisation(s)? Consider the following:
It may be because you have a particular interest in the organisation; you may already patronise the business or use its products as a consumer; perhaps you even work there or have some other connection. It may simply be that you feel it has been a good marketer and wish to investigate more about it.

4. You must include Blue Ocean Strategy and some of the components of the Circle of Satisfaction in your article. Look in the e-text and in the lecture slides related the Circle of Satisfaction- below list the components of the Circle of Satisfaction and then decide which these you will include in your magazine article.

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Marketing Management: What is meant by blue ocean strategy
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