What is apple china strategy


In the context of our class lectures and discussions, please carefully read the two assigned New York Times reports on Apple in China. On the basis of careful reading and analysis of those readings, address the following set of questions:

In the framework of new global dynamics of production, what is Apple's China strategy? How has that strategy evolved and changed over the years? Similarly, what is China's Apple strategy? How has China's Apple strategy (generally, strategy towards the foreign MNC) has evolved and changed in the last three decades?

Your paper can be a bit longer but should not exceed 5 pages.

You are welcome to do additional research on Apple in China. However, it is not required. There is quite a bit of reporting on this topic on the web.

MNCs: Multinational Corporations (includes Apple as well as BWM (Germany), Sony (Japan), TATA (India), etc.). Alibaba and Lenovo are also MNCs, but China based.


1. How China Built ‘iPhone City' With Billions in Perks for Apple's Partner


2. In China, Human Costs Are Built Into an iPad


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Macroeconomics: What is apple china strategy
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