What does the document leave out that you might have

Please follow Instructions

search for newspaper articles, editorials, cartoons, or ads pertaining to the topic you selected .(Water rights in New Mexico)

Search Steps:

You may use the Library of Congress' Chronicling America database on historical newspapers.

Once you access either on or both websites set the specific year or years and the state you want to search information on, for instance "land grants, " "labor unions," "Scottish immigration," "steel production," "Comanche raids" from 1880-1900, or "water rights" in New Mexico, Texas, California or Arizona from 1900 to 1900.

Then read and analyze at least 2 newspaper pieces on the same topic but published in different states or cities.

Finally, write a 1-2 page-long essay, 12 font, double space, addressing some of the following questions

Questions to address: 1-6

1. First, identify your newspaper pieces by citing it at the top of your first page. Cite your piece using the following example:

A. Name of the author or authors, if no authors listed go to the next step

B. Include the name of the article in quotation marks

C. Include the date the article was published

D. Include the date you accessed the article

E. Copy the weblink to the article


Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Robert Pear, "Wary Centrists Posing Challenge in Health Care Vote," New York Times, February 27, 2010, accessed February 2, 2018,

2. Do both of the articles agree on what they say about the topic, why or why not?

3. Do you find both newspaper articles accurate, biased, or opinionated, etc...

4. How do you think readers at the time might have reacted to these newspaper pieces?

5. What does the document leave out that you might have expected it to discuss?

6. What historical questions can you answer using these sources?

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History: What does the document leave out that you might have
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